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FS J.BAUER Electronics LaserBee 3.7 Watt USB + EagleEye™ Logging.. In Stock Now


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Sep 20, 2008
UPDATE June 29 2013



We've been busy in the past few months...

We decided not to sell our New LaserBee 3.7W USB + Thermopile + Eagle Eye™
Data Logging Software
until it was fully tested... In stock and ready to ship...
We know how frustrating it is to wait for something after it has been paid for so as
usual they are in stock and ready to ship so you don't need to wait to have them built.
We ship within 1-2 business days of receiving your order payment...

We have also restructured our pricing for our other Entry Level LaserBee LPM
products to make them even more affordable to the Laser enthusiast that wants to
know the power of his or her Laser...:beer:





We've designed a New 3.7 Watt USB LaserBee + Data Logging LPM.
Our full featured easy to use Eagle Eye™ Windows PC Data Logging Interface
comes bundled with it that we know you will appreciate..

This new entry level LaserBee 3.7W USB uses a similar size 15mm X 15mm Wafer
type Thermopile sensor as the the other Entry Level LPMs offered but with a newly
developed higher temperature broadband coating and a sightly better stable 100%
reading response time of 35-45 seconds. That equates to a 95% response time of
only ~20 seconds.

The new sleeker design and textured high quality plastic enclosure comes with added
rubber feet so it doesn't slide on your test bench.

The New LaserBee 3.7W USB Thermopile heads have a flexible 18" cable with a
connector so it can be disconnected from the LaserBee enclosure for storage.
The new Thermopile heads have an added Thermal Mass that is required when
using the LaserBee 3.7W USB at over 3Watts of Laser Power. This Thermal Mass
issue is even more pronounced when using small skimpy heatsinks we've seen used
in some LPM designs.

The LaserBee 3.7W USB can measure most Laser Wavelengths from approximately
300nm to 1200nm and can measure Laser output Powers from 1mW to 3700mW
using the newly broadband coated and Thermal Mass increased Thermopile Sensor

These LaserBee 3.7W USB + Thermopile Laser Power Meters are powered by and
communicate with your computer's USB Port similar to the popular LaserBee 2.5W
USB but with a newer PCB design so you'll never need batteries.

The New LaserBee 3.7W USB Firmware has been re-designed from the ground up
taking into consideration that the user interface should be as close as possible to
our other LaserBee products for a seamless user transition.

The New LaserBee 3.7W USB LPM being offered here includes the EagleEye™ Data
Logging feature.
The LaserBee 3.7W USB User Instructions and Windows PC EagleEye™ Data Logging
Interface Software including all drivers are supplied so that you can record and
save your test sessions and even print out Graphs and save Graph images of
those sessions...
(A very helpful feature when selling Lasers...)

There are many examples of EagleEye™ Laser Power graphs posted on the Forum
by the many members that already own a LaserBee LPM product.

Other LaserBee products including our Retail Prices can be seen on our Website here...

-----> Calibrated LaserBee Products by J.BAUER Electronics <-----

They are in stock and ready to Ship.....

Feel free to only E-Mail us with any questions....

To acquire a calibrated LaserBee 3.7W USB + Thermopile... or any
LaserBee LPM product just contact us and indicate which LaserBee LPM
product you would like and where you saw it at:-


Make sure your Full Name and Complete address is included with your PP payment
and is correct.

lasersbee | eBay

Canadian Buyers will be charged the 5% GST.
Quebec Buyers will be charged an additional 9.975% PST.

J.BAUER Electronics

You can contact us at any time on our Website: J.BAUER Electronics
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