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FS: Arctic Spyder G1


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Jun 15, 2010
Asking 230 shipped. Will consider trades. Includes the origional box, both lenses that came with it, upgraded 2400mah battery, and the not so protective glasses they include with it.

Ok I got this thing, its cool and all, but while waiting on it for so long I built my own. Also racked up some fat medical bills since then. Originally I couldn't sell it because they shipped it with poor threads in the tail cap. Had wicked replace the tail cap (surprised me when they actually shipped one!) so now its in good shape and I can sell it. Has had probably 5 minutes total run time because I didn't know if they were every going to give me a new tail cap and I didn't want to risk further messing up the threads. Has never been turned on for more than 30 seconds at a time. Beam is well focused out to infinity. The only issue I have found with it is the threads on the internal beam shroud thing they put over the lens to clip any bleed etc.. has bad threads also. The piece is in place and functioning but I advise not messing with it too much unless you want to have to glue it in place at some point or leave it out (I heard some shipped without one installed anyway). Has not been metered but I would hazard a guess its on the higher end as it burns very well even though it isn't focused to a point. Looks about equal to my DIY build with a cranked flex driver... but that hasn't been metered either.

Comes with original box, training lens, and original glasses which we all know are NOT enough protection.
Comes with a 2400ma sanyo battery, hasn't ever been run down enough to need a charge yet. I believe it is unprotected.

You are responsible for the laws where you live. The only guarantee is that it is functional when you receive it. I am not liable for any bodily harm or property damage caused by this object, nor any legal problems which arise from the use of this object. You assume all responsibility for its proper and safe usage.

I don't think any of that will be a problem though as I will only sell to a forum member with over 100 posts that lives in the US.
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