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FS: 90mW Blue Ray & 75mW Viper & Other Bits

Sep 28, 2007
Well, I was hoping it wouldn't come to this but its near impossible to find a job at the moment... So I have a few things up for sale, although I will be sad to see them go :(.

I haven't set any prices but I have a rough idea of what I would like for them so sensible offers please. Oh and UK preferred... I don't like the idea of sending lasers overseas and I really don't have the money to send overseas so it would cost you a lot more.

90mW PocketPal Blue Ray, Black Housing, PHR-803t Powered by 100mA FlexDrive (note this does not work, needs to be re wired)

75mW DragonLasers Viper with case (note the case has burn marks on the inside and the paper join between the bottom and top half has broken, this will be used soon so I cannot sell until after the 7th November)

Damaged PHR-803t (slowly dieing)

Unknown Open Can Red Diode in Aixiz

Unknown Closed Can Red Diode in Aixiz (Has components soldered to diode from previous owner, can be removed)

Brass Diode Press *SOLD*

2" x 1.5" First Surface Mirrors (x3)

Modified 12V PC Fan controller with 3 fans attached for spiro use (no mirrors)

2x C5W Car Interior Festoon Bulbs

Various PC 3/2 Pin 12V Fans
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