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Focus Adapters


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May 14, 2008
Oh, well! In spite of the snail’s pace of the postal services (when one is anxiously waiting for something, time dilatates also without approaching the light speed :thinking:), finally I have received the last device from DarkHorse; so now I’m in condition to write a small review about an undoubtedly useful accessory: the FOCUS ADAPTER!

Sincerely, also before receiving my beautiful 8x BR from Igor, I was aware of the difficulties to focus exactly the burning point by means of the standard Aixiz focusing ring (being the diameter of my hosts wider of that damn’d device, my fingers were pushing it, in addition to the screwing action: so the focusing was wrong, in spite of the contrasting spring, needing more adjustments.)

Hemlock Mike warning was already available in the Forum, but when I get my 8x I made my personal experience about the new beam (ouch!) burning power….. so the decision: I was needing of a wider focusing adapter, to replace or fit on the Aixiz one….:yabbmad:

So, now I’ll speak about two excellent adapters, the Ez-Focus manufactured by JayRob, and the Ap-Cap manufactured by DarkHorse!

As everybody can see, the adapters philosophy is slightly different:
JayRob bond the Aixiz ring inside his adapter (the knurled surface is awesome), so to leave the possibility to screw-in an Aizix threaded lens nut, whatever it is (Pict 2 and 4): an Aixiz equipped with acrylic or glass lens, the 405-G-1 lens nut manufactured by Jay, the Hi-Power AR lens nut manufactured by LarryDFW, and (I hope soon :angel:) the IgorT medium lens nut.
DarkHorse adapter (I like its "slick" aspect) comes equipped with a properly shaped rubber gasket (Pict 3), allowing the assembly to slip on the Aixiz focusing ring with a very good “grasping action” thanks to the gasket (Pict 3 and 4).

Personally, as I have already shown in other threads, I have preferred to fit perfectly the 405-G-1 lens nut to the Ez-Focus and then locking it with a medium thread locker (no risks to unscrew while focusing, due to a generous increase of the screwing friction – no wobble at all :whistle:- by means of Teflon tape, but still with the possibility to perform the disassembly), so to have the right lens nut length optimized for the minimum gap between my 8x BR host and the adapter, while I alternatively use the Ap-Cap on my IgorT PHR or on the LCC IgorT red, when I play with them.

So, whatever will be your target, to get a semi-definitive assy or a removable one, these solutions will be excellent for the scope: a really easier and more precise focusing, an added aesthetical value to your lazor and, the most important, no more “ouch!” in your future…..:D

Note - For JayRob adapters info (he makes them for various builds), see:
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Mar 29, 2008
Just to reinforce this -- These are especially important once you make the jump form 6X to 8X. Focusing an 8X, with just a lens nut or stock focus ring, can be very painful.