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Finally Got Around To The Introduction


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May 27, 2012
Greetings from another new guy. I work as a shift supervisor in Corporate Security so the bulk of my time is spent in the workplace. Like most of us when I'm not working its either time spent with the wife and kid or on all the hobbies I have. I came to this forum for knowledge on lasers and on getting the tools needed to further my interest in them. I'm primarily into lasers for the spectacular beams they produce. It is also the main reason I have a class 4 at all. I am also a hobbyist severe weather photographer and storm chaser. Seeing how powerful laser technology has become over the years I've discovered something new to photograph. Having a great and understanding wife helps when it comes to these hobbies. In order to keep her from taking my lasers away I must have both eyes intact and have 0 accidents. For this reason safety is my top priority. I'm no expert on lasers but I've read all I can about the different classes, laws etc and why class 4 lasers especially need to be respected, safety goggles are crucial and I refuse to risk getting a specular reflection. Before I turn my 445 class 4 on I conduct a safety check ensuring that no reflective objects are anywhere near where I terminate the beam. Unless I'm holding the laser it must be secured to the ground, via a tripod, tables and chairs are off limits for me as the risk of a roll off are just to high. As far as building goes I'm willing to assemble premade components but thats as far as I go. Plus I don't have the tools or machinery on hand to make my own builds. I'm good at frying electronics when I try my hand at saudering so this is something I would never do with diodes. I look forward to learning all I can from the many knowledgable veterans on this forum. Until then please go easy on the new guy.


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Sep 20, 2008
Just a friendly heads up...
No-one wants to read a brick of text...
I suggest you break it up a bit to ease in reading it...;)

That being said...

to the Forum....
Don't forget to read the FAQs...the Stickies
and the Forum Rules..

If you plan on buying anything on the Forum....
PLEASE read this first...

6 Steps To Prevent You From Getting Scammed

and PLEASE don't forget to read to this....

39 Reasons NOT to Buy From Wicked Lasers

If you do get a Laser or already have one be sure
to get appropriate Laser Safety Goggles/Glasses...

Enjoy your stay...


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