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*feeler*---GB-35% food grade H2O2---*not laser related*

Oct 7, 2009
I'm not sure if any of you use this stuff or not but Ive been sourcing it from a 'friend' for a while now, and recently found a trustable online site that sells it:Celeste' Certified Pure 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide : Contents. My buddy said he bought from them many times with great results, I just placed a small order a few minutes ago, but if it all checks out then I was thinking of maybe organizing a GB. They have a special for 4 gallons of the stuff for $100+hazmat shipping fees, which isnt a bad price, and I figure people are only going to want a few ounces of it, so getting a GB together should be simple as long as there is interest.

For people that dont know what it is, DO NOT buy it. I personally use it diluted to bleach my hair and occasionally some fabrics, plus it can be a good cleaner and a powerfull anti-septic. Then there are those that choose to actually drink the stuff claiming health benefits, I do NOT endorse or recommend the internal consumption of H2O2, if you order it with intent to comsume, you do so at your own risk. It is sold as food grade and unstablized, but I wouldnt trust it enough to actually put it in my body, but if you do its your choice.

Anyway, this is just a feeler for now, I am not accepting orders yet. If you are interested just post how much you want to get. Remember the more you buy wholesale, the cheaper it is.

Also, I may be able to save the Hazmat charge to the GB participants by shipping it ORM-D consumer commodity, but only in small amounts. I can not and will not ship this stuff through the post office, that is a federal crime.
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