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Feb. 18 Webcast Reupped/ Don't miss it again.


New member
Aug 28, 2009
This is a link to the Ophir-Spiricon webcast on Feb. 18.
I was very bummed when I missed this. I had a job that I could not put off.
Yes, I've been known to reschedule work to watch a laser show on TV (before we got the DVR):spank:
Anyhow Ophir-Spiricon sent me an e-mail with this link contained. You do have to register to view this.
It is free to register. and from then on they send you all kinds of informative e-mails with links and videos, etc.
(no spam, except for their products, of course)

The e-mails are known as E-pulse, and they are sort of like a mini Laser Focus World magazine.
I look forward to receiving them, and read them thoroughly.

I thought I would share with everybody who wanted to watch this, but could not.
Web Broadcast - 33637

To those just wanting to receive their copy(s) of E-pulse Magazine, go here.