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Experiences w/members here at LPF. Cheech226-no4H99-LarryDFW others

Down with Umbrella

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Aug 16, 2013
Over the past few months I have been buying diodes, lasers, heat sinks, crackled marbles etc. and I've waited till now to post a review so I didn't have multiple threads.

First and foremost I got and AWESOME argon laser from cheech226.
That JDSU 2214 ML is my favorite laser to date. He responded to my messages very quick and payment was very easy. He also threw in a prism and a few other goodies. THANK YOU. I'll post some pictures of that soon as I am working on a few things:shhh:

DTR has responded to questions very quick. I've ordered lots of parts and diodes from him. (Can't wait for those new 520s)

LarryDFW sent me some great 18650 batteries at a great price.
No problems there.

NO4H99: I bought a 532 laser from, he sent it out quick, unfortunately I had an issue with it but it was no problem because he took it back and paid for the shipping. Great guy!

Flaminpyro: the only member I haven't got my stuff from yet. I'm sure it will be soon. We had some trouble with a Cree host coming apart.

Daguin helped me find an argon and I almost got one from him.
Thanks you very much!

Jayrob sent me some uranium marbles and a focusing knob. I received that in just a few days after ordering.

I ordered a lot from Aixiz they have quite the selection of parts. They ship out very soon and emailed me back very soon with any questions I had.

Thanks everyone:beer: