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Easy smoke or steam generation(for laser effect)


New member
Dec 9, 2007
Look at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze7m9SAYJ3w&feature=user It's a pretty cool effect.
I think that something like that portable would be really cool.I would really want to get to building something like this just so I could shoot people in the dark with it and they'd be all like "OH NOOO!!!!" and then realize it's just steam...haha!I think it would be worth the effort. :p

So anyway, i need:
-a laser (an eye safe 5mW greenie would work best I guess)
-a clear tube, that needs to have some way of pressurizing,( maybe a small bike pump) and a valve to release the pressure.
-and (the hard part) some way of making thick athmospherical junk inside the tube so when the laser's on it would look like an ionizing effect, and when the pressure is released it looks like you're firing a ray gun or something :p
So I was thinking I had 3 options:
-dust: but it would suck if you shot it at someone, besides it needs to have a way of recharging
-smoke: but I think I'm gonna have a hard time making it thick enough inside the tube, and it would probably screw up my clear tube
-steam: this seems the best idea, like the guy that made the video is using.He's using a coffee heater...But I need something that can be portable so I need something that heats up really fast to boil a small amount of water(maybe steam wil cause pressure inside the tube anyway), any ideas? :-/ Would the hot side of a TEC work?Or even an open flame heating something up? :-/
What's your opinion?