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DX scamming now?


New member
Feb 23, 2008
i just sent them this email.. the first order was for some green modules and other stuff a few months ago and i got the other stuff but not the green modules. the second order was placed almost a month ago and well just read below...

order was placed on 6/11/2010. when trying to use the "contact us" feature of your website it tells me that my order number is invalid. this is the second time that this has happened to me. the status says "temporary stock shortage-contact us if necessary" but this method also tells me my order number is invalid. it has been 1 month since the order was placed and the status has not changed from "temporary stock shortage". please ship the order or refund the total payment of $90.21USD.

I also never received the 7pcs of SKU 26891 from order/invoice number 0114E1M9. a paypal dispute was entered for this transaction and I never received a refund or the products ordered. beside the quantity for the item ordered it still says "pending". this order has cost me 315.07$USD and I never received the products for the SKU mentioned above.

both of these orders have cost 400+$ and I have never received the items. if I do not receive a timely response to this matter I will post this story on my website and any forum I am a member of as well as enter a paypal dispute.