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DX 50 mW green laser module review.

Nov 21, 2009
I buy 2 x 50mW green laser module from DX.

Shipping time is 7 days, but "waiting for supplier" took 25 days. Plus packaging v.v..., total 35 days waiting from payment sent (I have a big order with 10 sku, 3 sku still "waiting for supplier, and I cancelled those sku)

They shipped in a soft plastic bag. It don't provide enough protect for modules. 2x module, 1 work, 1 broke. The broken module took some damage, and the solder between diode and driver broke. I solder a little and the broken module work fine.

Some measuring by Laserbee HLPM II module.

1. Spike 57mW, then stable around 50mW. (my friend took this module)
2. Spike 70mW, then stable around 60mW (this is the fixed module) - divergence : 1.6mRad

With a aixiz focusing len. These modules can light match.

I'll update divergence and some pics later.
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