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DX: 200mW Flashlight-Style Green Laser (18650 Battery Included)


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Nov 3, 2010
200mW Flashlight-Style Green Laser (18650 Battery Included)

A few weeks ago, buy this laser for a friend.

Product Features:
- Aluminum body construction
- Side on/off switch
- Safety PIN (inserted at the end of the laser) prevents children from accidently activating the laser
- Properly heatsinked laser module
- Focusable lens
- Powered by 1 x 18650 lithium battery (included)

Hall house, about 8m.

Becoming dark street, about 70m or so.

I have tried to strike a match but can not seem to, or turn on toilet paper or paper that the roll of smoke chamomile. It is more focused on playing with the palm of the hand did not notice all that much, maybe some heat but nothing.

Take some kind of protection?
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Photos of the wall before

Pointing to a tower crane.

To stars

PD: I had scared when I was looking PC screen, I saw a black, wet my eyes and seems to be gone, thank goodness.
It was when I was about light-match shock, there was much glare.
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