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DTR's Excellent Customer Service.


New member
Feb 19, 2011
I purchased two M-140 diodes a few weeks back and thought I should make a thread applauding DTR for his great customer service.

I initially send DTR a message saying I would like two M-140 diodes, one for me and one for a friend so I would have to send him two separate payments. He promptly responded to my messages and told me to purchase one diode off his site and then PP him 45 bucks so he can combine shipping.

After I placed the order he sent me a message asking which of the two addresses I would like the diode shipped to, I told him mine as my friend could come pick it up but he ended up sending two separate packages, one to me and one to my friend :) Shipping was also much faster than I expected and the diodes came in an ESD bag surrounded by bubble wrap.

Great customer service, communication and shipping make DTR a top seller :beer: