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dt0811 sleds


New member
Apr 2, 2008
Well, I took the DT0811 sled today to practice extracting a diode, I use the IR/red diode. Let me tell you how HOW unsuccessful it was. ;D This was only for fun though, I held the diode in place with pliers (learnt it is not a good idea) and tried to pull the pcb off with scissors while I was melting the solder of the board. It was so unsuccessful that I bent all the legs. ;D After that, I wanted to see what is in a diode, so with two pliers I twisted the can and the gold metal bit and seperated the diode from the can. I looks so delicate inside. I pulled all the legs from the diode after that, then put the diode in between the pliers and I tried to crush the diode, no luck, I couldn't. Whats worse is I dropped it and now I can't find it. :'( So then I looked at the sled and took everything apart. I got some really strong magnets, and some wierd not very useful optics. I also found this dark grey liquid/solid matter where some really thin wires were holding the top of the sled.

Another thing, the blu-ray diode is in this wierd cone heatsink. Is this normal or did I destroy the good diode!? :eek:
Had fun doing it though ;D