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DPSS, glue crystal and disconcreate crystal green 532nm lasers


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Dec 13, 2009
I am always asked questions for glue crystal green lasers.
1. normally, green laser = 808nm pump laser ld + glue crystal + driver
this kind of green laser does not have very stable output and have normally 30-50% 808nm ir laser.
it also cannot get very high and very low output. normally, we get green laser over 20mw-190mw. a few can arrive 210nm. and few can get <5mw. so that <5mw FDA standard green laser is very expensive.
some seller sell laser pointer and mark it as 300mw or more. it is dishonest. I have suffered a seller use our 30mw green laser pointer and mark it as 300mw.
this kind of green laser is popular and widely produced and sold. normally, sellers does not add IR filter on it. if add, the output will be 30-50% less than the output without ir filter.
working temperature of this kind of laser is 15-35 centigrade,if the temperature is too low, it may need 1 minute to warm up. you will see the green laser comes and get more and more brighter.
2. disconcreate crystal lasers can get high output. and the output is stable. much more purier than the glue crystal lasers. IR light is about 10-25%.
3. DPSS lasers--very expensive and stable output.
hope my answer is helpful.


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Nov 4, 2011
Thanks for the info Laserlands. I hope everything worked out for the 450nm laser that you sold to that fool on ebay. I have only made one purchase from you so far. But I will make more in the future.