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Doesn't Look Good...


Dec 23, 2013
Does anyone know if this was created by a legitimate member? And if it was, why don't they make it a little more representable???


As far as you, the individual goes, if you have a Facebook account that you are actively connected to, when other people see it, they are given a regulated does of your personality. It's the same thing for a lot of businesses, it will give the company a vehicle to convey their personality to whomever seeks their information via Facebook.

IMHO, There should be a lot of material on laser safety, definitely way more pictures, and maybe a demonstration on what could potentially go wrong if a laser hits an eyeball, and maybe even a couple of videos - whatever you think would be right.

Idk, I'm one of those guys that says, "do it right, or don't do it at all!" There is a Facebook page out there with LPF's name on it, but it makes you go......

When you see the page, how do you feel at first glance???
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