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DIY Yellow Kit Red and Green Projector Laserlands

Oct 19, 2012
Hey guys I'll start off with a Video:beer:

also i would like to apologize for the unrhythmic clapping you will hear lol

so this kit is from laserlands Stage Lighting Show DIY 30mW Green 80mW Red Laser Module Diode Complex Projector | eBay which i had bought on 3/10 and was delivered 3/21. The kit is only $35.98 which is not too bad for all that it does. It comes with everything needed except 12v power supply. The only thing I do not like is there is no constant on mode it is either it switches or it is in sounds activated mode. Attached to the pcb is a mic for detecting sound and a switch to choose modes along with the female dc power plug. It makes a lime-yellow color it is not a pure yellow and there is no way to adjust the modules. the hardest part of getting it set up was gluing down the dichro which seemed to take forever and I still dont have it perfect. The green module was already installed all you had to do was put the red one in its spot. The motor on the front turns right and left spinning the opening that the beam passes through. I assume if you put a diffraction grating or something on it , it would probably look cool. If i had to guess i would say this was a production run of something that never finished. I think its cool and enjoy it so yes I would recommend it if you are considering it.

Opening it up!

After adding the red module

These are the power connector, mic, and mode switch