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Direct Diode Lasers in Various Colors in 2 different Power Levels

Sep 21, 2011
Also the Zbolts are very tightly regulated and are constant 4.5mw or 4.8mw - you get a power read with each one ..

They are constant duty .

This may make them more visible.

I like the 488 between 5mw and 10 mw.

The ones on ebay look nice but overspecced

Sep 20, 2013
I wonder if there is interest in getting Lasers in various Colors in the fairly inexpensive Wavelengths ?

Nichia makes a lot of Blues and of course
we have Osram 515nm and there is a Japanese 635nm which is fairly inexpensive.

We may be able to set up a Group Buy where there is a number of differerent Wavelengths each with a specific Price and hopefully a low power and higher power option.

Prices may start quite low ..under $75. to $100. for more common colors and higher for the more expensive Diodes.

More experienced Members can tell me which Diodes are available at low / reasonable prices and how much for the
462nm there are Nichia Diodes in Aqua Blue etc.

I think Max at Lazerer will be willing to do these builds but not sure how far he will go on exotic Wavelength Diodes.

I am interested in 5mw personally in a few
Colors and some Diodes may not Lase at
low power ...but 635nm will ...and 515nm ..and 520..and some higher wavelength Blues will go quite low.

Those who want 30 to 100 milliwatts will probably have more options.

Cool Colors at say $75 to $100 to $200.
depending on Diode availability and cost....who is interested.

Lazerer had a 473nm at $299 but aren't there Direct Diodes near that Color ( 468nm) that would be cheaper builds ?

Interest...? Opinions ?

I got some of the early engineering samples that were direct diodes from Sharp back when they were first available, but only kept the 477 nm one as it was the highest wavelength of those that I saw. Unfortunately they ran out and never made any more so that was that. I already have a solid state 473 nm laser so wasn't really interested in getting a direct diode in that same wavelength.