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DinoDirect 50mw Green Laser Review


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May 31, 2009
This is the Dino Direct 50mW 532nm WF-502B Flashlight-Style Green Laser Pointer review, that I did for Dino Direct.

Link to the laser here

First off I would like to say, this is an unbiased review and I will only give factual, observed information about this company and MY experience with them.

I was given the opportunity to review a laser for Dino Direct. The process I had to undertake to order this laser was quite simple. The transaction was quite easy and I had no problems using their website to order my product.

I did however run in to problems after the order was placed. Upon purchase a confirmation email was meant to be sent out confirming your order was received correctly, well I did not receive an order confirmation. I contacted Dino Direct online support and they sorted that all out quite quickly. At the same time, I also asked them to place a comment or note on my package so that the order will be shipped in two packages, to avoid possible confiscation by the Australian customs, or delays while importing. I was assured that my package will be sent in separate packages, but that was not the case.

48 hours later, I received an email saying shipping details will arrive in 48 hours, including tracking number. 72 hours later I contacted Dino Direct live chat, where they told me that the shipping option (There were no shipping options on the website) that I selected had no tracking information, even though I received an email stating I would receive the tracking information 72 hours before hand. So I gave up and ignored the email. 5 hours later I received an email containing a tracking number for my ONE package. I tried to track my package, and it returned a message saying that the tracking number is invalid.

After all this confusing and running around, I spoke to the live chat one more time, to see how I can fix the tracking number problem. I spoke to the live chat and the lady was confused and was asking me what she should do to rectify the problem with the tracking information. So I gave up, and waited for the package to show up.

13 days later my package shows up in one package, that was crushed...GAH!!

Ok on to the review...

The host it self is quite nice only flaw it has, is the very small heat sink, which does very little to keep the module cool.

The laser came defected and with out knowledge in electronics, lasers or simple problem solving, an average customer would not know how to fix the problems I experienced with this laser. Please refer to the video below on the problems I had with this laser, and how I fixed it.

The laser does output a rock steady 50mw peaking at 54mw. It has perfect Temp00 output and no signs of mode hopping was observed. The module did get warm to the touch after 1-2 mins on, this was acceptable, but a bigger heat sink is very much recommended.

Overall I was not convinced that, if this laser was to go out to an average customer they would be happy with the purchase or able to fix/repair the laser them selves. Not to mention the poor communication and trouble resolution skills of the support team, would have an average customer biting their nails in frustration.

Product quality: 5/10
Customer support: 5/10
Email notifications: 2/10
Packaging: 5/10
Shipping time: 5/10

Average score: 4.4/10


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Sep 7, 2010
Nice review, i like the video side of things as it helps me understand visualy more on how the laser is built and what can be done to fix the little things that may become anoying after a while. Great job:yh: