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Deplaser parts, trustable seller!

Minamoto Kobayashi

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Aug 25, 2010
Some times ago I buyed stainless steel kit from Jayrob, and a 200 mW 532 nm module from O-Like. After few weeks the module LEDed. I buyed another module, and after few working hours the module LEDed again! So I have disassembled and carefully remounted the host, I have replaced the battery with a good one, lubricated all the moving parts, redone the welds, and buyed another module. LEDed again!
At this time, I understand that the O-like 200 mW green modules could be a 100 mW overpushed module, or at least a poor quality module.
So, after an extended hunting, I have found a good ebay seller.
I bought the same module from that seller, and after a full working year, the module is perfect as new!
Looking close to the module, it appears identical to the others, with exception for the big resistor that is missing, but the seller claims that
all the components are made by his company.
I haven't tried other stuff, but it seems that he sell very nice quality components, at a reasonable prices.
Here is his eBay page:

Green laser, Diode mounts housing host items in deplaser parts store on eBay!

I hope to have done something pleasing to the forum community :beer:

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