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DANG!! both good newz and bad newz


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Apr 2, 2009
-- FINALLY the perfect projector for beginners-
>2 W .5W of 638 & 520 1w of blue
newest and improved PT 30 scanner which for ~$200 can be upgraded by YOU to pangolin 506 scanners with some modding to the PT 30 drivers and PSamp
the entire bottom if this mini PJ is one huge TEC fan cooled heatsink

the rest is toaster size ( on its side)

the divergance is good but not excellent
that is just the nature of green diodes compared with DPSSL.

we paid ~1200$ for 1.2W of rgb LaserKing full color

you can get this beauty for less than half that

BUT the maker has made an exclusive agreement for USA buyers and the only way I can get you close to the deal I got was to be either NOT in the USA or have a frtiend in, say canada/uk/etc who will help you--

this is a dust free projector and inside the RGB modules are also sealed just like Kvant does
this is a very close clone of a Kvant that would cost more than $2500

pics- review and more will be at 'ROG' private social group - PM me for invite

No idea of who the USA seller is -

but I assume there will be a much different pricetag
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