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Custom laser projector for sale


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Nov 10, 2008
hey guys. due to school i need to raise up some $$ so here's something ive had for almost 3 years now which was used for less than 2 hours indoors.
it uses a pair of 30k PT laser scanners, a custom made mount with 3 red diodes in it for red, about 400mW of 650nm i think, could be more.
for blue it's another custom Al block which holds a blue laser diode at 500mW +-
and the green is a dpss cni which does also around 300mW. so you are looking at a ~1 W pj
the red could use a slight alignment, but indoors its not noticeable. it only becomes an issue at a distance.
there|s also an ilda breakout board in it as the pictures in this thread show: http://laserpointerforums.com/f47/my-laser-projector-91732.html

looking for $800 + shipping + PP fees.

if you think the price is too high, make me an offer, as long as it's reasonable.

please only EU since shipping overseas would kill it, unless you are ready to pay for expensive shipping, customs and insurance, dont bother messaging me.
that being said, thanks for looking.
have a nice day :)
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