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COCONUTS's REDUCED Uranium Marbles and OverSpec AAA Pens 405_532_650nm


Oct 20, 2010
Just received my lasers and Marbles, can say I am pretty glad with my products!

Here is a very brief write up about my purchase from COCONUTS

Package is nicely wrapped up and protected by bubble wrap.

The Marbles were in good condition!

The Laser Pens were free from any physical blemishes on its surface upon inspection

The Greenie performs above specs for it's price. Readings were taken using nospin's DIY LPM, and an OEM Thermopile with an IR filter from Laserlands. Astonishing readings of 20mW at point blank range! Without the IR Filter, it reads almost 30mW!

The Red is the most overspec of all! 90mW measured with nospin's DIY LPM, and an OEM Thermopile!

The violet laser is great! Got a measurement of more than 45mW! However the convergence of the profile of thebeam is rather bad though.. The Beam is too fat, the dot is blured.. nonetheless... still happy for the power received! It peaked at 49mW at point blank!

Shots of my Uranium Marbles!

For the Price Paid, seller is recommended!!! For the Score of 10, 1 being the lowest, and 10 being the highest:

Satisfaction of Seller's Communication: 10 out of 10
How quickly the Seller send the items: 9 out of 10
Price of Products: 9.5 out of 10
Quality of Products: 15 out of 10 (I am Shock at the power of my Red Laser for the price paid, I was expecting like 20mW or so)
Postage and handling charges: 8 out of 10
Accuracy of items advertise: 10 out of 10

Link to his sales thread: