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CO2/HeNe/YAG laser power supply/tube/spare parts

Aug 9, 2012
CO2/HeNe/YAG laser power supply/tube/spare parts
Jinan Hsu Electric and Technology Co.,Ltd which is an innovative company, was founded in 2002. From then on she has engaged in developing, manufacturing and selling CO2 /HeNe/YAG laser power supply and spare parts in China. At present our laser power supplies are widely applied on laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine and laser carving machine made by Hans Yueming Laser, Jinqiang laser, etc. The company also offer OEM service to make CO2 laser power supply for RECI laser tube. And now our company wants to introduce our products to global market.
Based on decades experience in laser power supply, our company can offer various technical solutions to laser machine manufacturer. Now our products have the following specifications:
1. 40/50/60/80/100/130W CO2 laser power supply.
2.6/9/12/18KW YAG pulsed xenon lamp power supply for laser cutting/welding machine.
3. 40/50/60/80/100/130W CO2 laser tube.
4. Not more than 0.8Mw-not more than 35mW HeNe laser tube.
5. Lens, Frame and other spare parts.
If you have any questions about technical matters, please feel free to contact with me.
With best regards
Xu Kuishan
Oversea business department
Jinan Hsu Electric and Technology Co.,Ltd
Address: No 59, South Industry Road, High-tech Development Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China. 250101.
Tel: 0086-0531-58775807, Mobile: 0086-15253146378
MSN:laserpowersource@hotmail.com, laserpower@outlook.com
Skype: xu kuishan
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