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China laser shop 200mw red lab style with HS


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Jan 19, 2008
Hey guys,

Did a revew of an e-bay item.      http://cgi.ebay.com.au/2-x-200-mW-Red-650nm-Laser-Diode-for-Lightshows-0-S-H_W0QQitemZ290215636717QQihZ019QQcategoryZ14984QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem

Yay! I bought these just before they put the price up to $195 US from $165 us

2 x 200 mw red laser with driver board and set in a heatsink. I have been able to focus one, and it looks as if the (glass?) lens array will screw all the way out.

Ive done a quick U-tube vid of testing and burning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP-s2BICmuA
Pretty crap, but not too bad for my first one.

Having been used to e-bay items taking up to a week or 2 for delivery, and not living in the US or Europe, it was surprising when they were delivered 2 days later. I live in South Australia, they have a Melbourne warehouse.
The rated power suply was 5v,  150ma. Im running one from a dc adaptor putting out 7.5v 170ma, and the other from 4 aa batteries. I believe they will work from 9v batteries, but I wasnt sure if I should leave them on for too long. For some reason the black and red wires were around the wrong way, it took me a good few hrs trying to work out why none of the power supply's I was trying would work.

The driver board supports TTL blanking, but im not sure of the signal needed to use it. Im sure one of the other smaller driver boards around the place could be used to drive the diode. There is a pot on the board, but it didnt seem to do a lot for the beam strength. Im running it on 1/3 turn from highest setting (i think). Ive put the drivers into small project boxes wired to a push on/off switch

The heatsink is aluminium flat on the bottom with 2 mounting screw holes. The beam focus is set to about a meter (3 and a bit ft) on the diode powered with the adaptor pack. Its not too easy to adjust the focus, but it can be done. The battery powered diode is set to infinity, and is the one I used for all the youtube video burn tests.

Not having a power meter, I can only guesstimate the Mw its putting out, but ive been able to burn tape with both beams coming out of a mirror splitter and able to burn through black tape from a distance of 30 ft, about 10 meters. I could go further maybe, but I ran out of backyard.....

I should be posting pictures soon, and some better beamshots than on the vid.



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Jul 27, 2007
looks like a similar driverboard to the ones DX uses except this is only a single channel driver whereas the DX drivers can operate two lasers at once.

seems like a nice laser though, i'm a big fan of heatsinked modules like that


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May 4, 2007
bit overpriced for a photoshopped beam. Still not bad.