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Cheap t6 still goin 2yrs.. salt water and abused


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Mar 26, 2013
So two years ago a member suggested a sipik cheap-o XML T6 flashlight for $12. Sure what the hell...

It was de domed, added thicker wire, thermal epoxied to hs, swapped with AMC driver and had 4 extra 7135 chips stacked, (does it boost Amps with 1 battery? IDK, but I did it anyway). :beer:

So I gave it to my pops as a novelty, and now it goes with him when doing commercial maintenance and fishing. To my surprise he still has the damn thing two years later. Its been dropped on concrete often, abused, and took a few dips in the ocean after some whiskey.

As you can see from the pics there is rust all around the die even after the dome is gone! works like a champ too; must be a good combo or luck. Now I plan on making a compact SST-90 to one up it. any ideas on a host?