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Cheap charging adapter for "D cell" 32600 LiPos that are really 32700


Jun 22, 2012
Picked up a couple of 32650 LiPo cells that are supposed to be protected 32600 (D-cell size). Well, these are a full 70mm, 10mm more than a D-cell. So, use in hosts requires a mod. Fine, but how to charge them without buying a special charger? Project cost: about $3.50. Bought a 2 D-cell battery holder from Radio Shack ($2.19) and a metal electrical box from Lowe's ($1.19). The photos are pretty self-explanatory. I was going to attach the holder to the box with screws, then hot glue, and then just decided to keep it simple and run a screw up through a convenient hole in the box. It acts as a stop and doesn't move a bit. Also allows easy dis-assembly and use with ever-changing cell sizes. Some caveats:

1. This is a crude setup. I will go back and label things a bit, so I remember how it's wired.

2. Cut the link between the 2 cells in the holder. You are creating 2 separate electrical paths here.

3. Because the springs are not moved easily, I just inserted the cells as they were intended, noting that the wires leaving one cell were reversed from the other.

4. My charger is forgiving of mistakes, e.g., reversing the cell accidentally. Make sure yours is as well or your wires had better be labeled well.

5. If you use a metal box like I did (for weight and stability), make sure the terminals on the battery holder are insulated. I taped over the ones here.

Also, I noticed that Radio Shack sells a 4 D-cell holder for the same $2.19. So, you could easily expand this use that item.



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Jul 18, 2012

where did you get those cells from? Are they protected?

Thanks in front. Greets from Austria


Jun 22, 2012
This was the ebay retailer from whom I purchased them - and the same item up for auction:

[USA] New 32650 Rechargeable 3.7V 5500mAh Li-Ion Batteries battery lithium-ion | eBay

I cannot vouch for their rating or longevity. They appear good and take a charge well. I have not used them for more than testing. They are a good bit longer than 65mm. They are more like 70mm. This is due to the protection circuit at the top. I don't always use the protected batteries, but with a high-capacity one like this, it's a good idea to have protection.