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Casix GLP-5 vs Wicked Evo E2 100mw


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Nov 21, 2009
I thought a comparison was in order to show how far things have come.I recently added an Evo E2 in 100mw from Wicked to the arsenal.It is an excellent laser that according to the too faint to reproduce chart included with it produces 120mw peak, 110mw min and averages 115mw.Also included with the laser was an excellent instruction book which is a huge improvement over my Evo 40mw which had only a power chart...with no mention of how the batteries go in!The button that activates the laser is different too.Here is the new E2

And here is the older Evo

The first good green laser I ever had cost over 600 dollars.It peaks at 8mw and likes to be cold.It is rated at 5mw


I think the E2 100mw @ 149.95 plus 18 dollars shipping pretty well sums up how much more bang for the buck we enjoy now.

The E2 got to me in 3 days.Which was nice considering the horror stories about Wicked now so prevalent.
The E2 does all the burning tricks one expects at this power level.Matches light in about a second, black tape smokes furiously, etc etc.All fueled by cheap AA.Of note here, this E2 100mw prefers the Energizer Lithiums.The difference in burning was notable.This is a bit of a disappointment....as my 40mw Evo prefers regular alkalines, which cost 25 cents each vs $2.50 each for the lithiums.
All in all, I really like this new laser.It feels good in the hand, it is powerful, and it puts the dot on clouds very nicely indeed.Unlike the Casix, which uses CR123 lithium power, you can buy batteries anywhere.
I think the Evo is a major upgrade over the Casix...and as currently priced, a bargain.
This is my first review, so take that into account!
Thanks for reading!

PS:The Casix uses a 1 watt Polaroid built 808nm pump.It was banned in the USA because if you unscrew the front cap that contains the IR filter, the output of the module complete with 1064nm IR escapes.In today's world of discount greens that lack IR filters more often than not, this strikes me as hilarious.It also goes a long way towards explaining the abysmal cell life the Casix pointer enjoys.The module is actually pretty nice, with very big lenses compared to today's lasers.Remember, it only gets 8mw of 532nw with a 1 watt pump diode.Crystal sets today are much nicer!


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