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Casio a140 vs a130


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Sep 11, 2007
I wonder if WL will be using the 130 or 140. I wonder if eventually they will have a 500mW version that uses the 130 and a 1W version that uses the 140 or something...
Don't worry WL will be using the cheapest they can find, remember it's not going to be putting out 1W like the hype says.

So I believe it will be the A130 diode, even if it was 5 cents cheaper it's China, they'll go for the absolute cheapest one. I would also tend to agree a little later down the road they may release a true 1W version using the A140 diode for more money of-course.

As has already been posted, if you shop around, per diode the A140 doesn't really cost that much more than the A130 and from the data coming out comparing the two the A140 diode could be a better deal in the long run.


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Jan 11, 2008
yobresal, I need to sort out all my 445nm diode orders so I'm not sure if I'm still interested in one of your diodes. If you can quickly get the other people necessary for you to open up your a140, I would definitely be interested, but for now I'm unsure. I'll PM you, and/or post back here when I know for sure.