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Bumper Stickers


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Oct 18, 2009
I've seen some hilarious slogans, phrases in many signatures here, and I was thinking of some funny thoughts for bumper stickers (of course you might see them on T-shirts, e-mail sigs). I'll start with a few you may recognize based on other phrases. You get the idea. This could be a funny thread...

My laser blinded your honor student
Beam me up, Jack (or Avery, or Susie...)
What part of 532nm 422mW don't you understand?
(substitute "532nm 422mW" for any LPF jargon)
No, I won't "Laze your Bro"
No, you can't borrow my laser
What's H1N1? I have an HeNe!
Ask me about my [...]
I'd rather be driving my RPL-400
Keep honking. I'm pumping my diode.

Your turn!

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