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Broken Spyder SIII Arctic Help? Convert to green?

Jun 15, 2012
I've had a rather big misshap, I did the same as user "BlueToast" (http://laserpointerforums.com/f40/spyder-s3-arctic-broken-wiring-56925.html) But unfortunatly totally sheared the pins off the laser diode in my Spyder SIII Arctic so the diode is totally shot. I was thinking of getting a new diode for it but then thought to myself, why not conver it to a green laser.... Only problem is I don't have a clue how I would go about this. What would I need to do to convert this.

1. I'm looking for a 300mw+ 532nm diode conversion, what diode could anyone reccommend that is cheap?

2. What equipment and modifications would i need to do to the laser? Circuits etc (I'm guessing the original internal electronics would not be compatible with the diode)

3. Obviously I want to be able to run it on the standard battery that goes with the Spyder SIII Arctic....

I'm a total noob to building Lasers so you'll have to excuse my dumbness.

Thanks for your time and help. :thanks: