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Boxed Nokia 7610 with spy mode


New member
May 24, 2007
I have a boxed Nokia 7610 with professional spy mode installed on it

purchased from this site


some info on spy mode

You access the hidden menu in the phone and pre-programme the spy phone with a telephone number (landline or mobile) of your choice.

Give the spy phone to the person you want to spy on, as an unsuspecting present and when the spy phone is called from that pre-programmed telephone number, it automatically answers the call without any ringing or flashing lights and the display appears as if it is on ordinary standby.

You will then be able to listen in, on what is going on around the spy phone without the owner knowing!

When the spy call is ended the phone stays in standby mode and the person with the spy phone won’t know anything about the spy call.
When anyone else calls the spy phone, it rings and operates as a normal mobile telephone.

This spy phone uses a standard simcard and it is unlocked to take any simcard except “3”. If the simcard is changed in the phone, providing you know the telephone number of the simcard, you can still make a spy call to the spy phone.

I also have sms Interceptor which forwards all sent and received sms's to a prefixed number

this phone cost me a hell of a lot of money

all software is hidden and can only be accesses by a secret menu

am open to resonable offers