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Blue laser suggestions? Lucklaser, fasttech, WL


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Dec 26, 2014

I joined this forum today and have been visiting it for a while.

i want a laser, but i want a quality one, without it exceeding 300 dollars.
I DO NOT want a wicked lasers product, and i do not want a laser that was thrown together from a broken flashlight.

i have little experience with lasers, but here is what i have had:
A million 5mw cat toy red lasers
A few 15mw green lasers
a 50mw ebay laser, which was underspec but worth the 9$ i paid
a 150mw, underspec red focusable laser, from china (It was free)

so i want a trustable laser. doesnt have to be bomb-proof, doesnt have to have a 10k hour life, it doesnt have to be over 1w, but i would like a laser.
I was just given a slip, as a present, that somone got me this:

445nm 2W Ultra Powerful Blue laserpointer Burning laser with laser sword Free shipping - $139.00 : Laser Pointer,Green laser,Blue laser, Red laser,Buy Laser Pointers,Cheap laser pointer

which claims a staggering 2, but then when i looked more in depth... LUCKlaser? it seems chinese, foreign at least, and their promo videos seem fake and sped up. In the video it took longer to light a match then my 150mw did- and that aint right. so now what.

and the host looks exactly like these lasers:

the wicked lasers arctic,

Spyder 3 Arctic Blue Handheld Laser

and this fasttech special, which is the same host as the lucklaser.

$133.29 TD-BP-120 450nm Blue Laser Pointer - black / w/ 5 laser heads / 2*LC16340 at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping

so- to be honest id rather have the fasttech than the lucklaser, but i have no idea what i am talking about, and i am making my judgment off of this video, which shows the fasttech:


i am really debating all this.

and also, i got 170$ in amazon cash, and all i can find are scammers and crap... i would build my own, but i really dont want to delve into the hardships that come with that. i do have three heatsinks and two red 16x burner diodes, but i dont have drives or housings or anything at all.

anyway- if you can find a way for me to get a good amazon laser than i would really appreciate that. even a reputable fun blu-ray or blue laser. if anyone knows of lucklaser that would be helpful to.

or if you have bought a laser for under 200$ and its been amazing or something that would be great if you could recommend it

again, i am a new user, so if i am doing anything wrong, POINT (haha) me in the right direction.


Master Philip

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Dec 19, 2014
NO No avoid luckaser shit company sells underspec lasers and lies about the outputs.. buy from any of these,


445nm - Jetlasers.org, Online Shop for Jetlasers Products.

Absolutely! I JUST went through the same thing as the OP just a few days ago. I asked a lot of questions here and posted a lot of comments in threads I had no buisness posting in... :whistle:

Finally, I settled on a JetLasers PL-E pro (which seems to be pretty much the best laser company according to some of the LPF members). There's a JetLasers rep here on LPF named Gray.
Although, I would suggest looking around on LPF for the guys that make lasers and sell them here. I have heard excellent things about some of them (I'd read around LPF and not just take my word, if I were you).
By the way, if you go with a JetLasers model, use the cupon code: Jet2014Holiday
I don't know if it's still active, but I got $15 off with it.
Good luck and go start a "Welcome" thread to tell us about yourself (that is, if you haven't already done so).

Pi R Squared:
He's pretty much doing the exact same thing I did! lol
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Pi R Squared

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May 14, 2013
Good luck and go start a "Welcome" thread to tell us about yourself (that is, if you haven't already done so).
LOL! :crackup: He posted this in the welcome area where he should have posted a welcome thread. This question should have been posted under "445nm Lasers". He is already not starting out right, at least he put his location in his profile though.