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Big hey from the Mile High City


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May 10, 2013
Big hey goes out to all the wonderful people here at LPF, :D
My name is Mike, I'm a 24 year old designer located in the Denver metro area. I'm fairly new here at LPF, but after I signed up about a month ago; I had decided it'd be in my best interest to take the time to read through all the stickies, do a fair amount of research on my own, and better familiarize myself with the site before making my first post here within the welcome section. All of which, I had definitely found to be rather enlightening, and will certainly save me from asking plenty of those noob-ish and redundant questions I'm sure your all annoyed by at this point.

I have a little bit of experience with lasers, and I definitely understand all the laser safety rules. I currently own a cheap 5mw 532nm laser I got off amazon a long while ago, as well as, a LZSK 532nm 100mW and 445nm 1+ Watt RIFLE which I picked up from Lazerer a few months back. I'm really looking forward to getting better acquainted with all of you, and adding many of the amazing high quality builds from the great people here at LPF to my collection as time goes on. I am really interested in picking up some lasers with higher duty//light cycles, but definitely find myself drawn to many of lasers available within the B/S/T section of the forums, and in due time I'd really like to be able to start building some of my own set ups, pick up a Laserbee Meter, and work towards becoming a strong contributor to the forums.

Thank you all, and have a great weekend everyone-


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Sep 20, 2008
It's refreshing to see that a new member actually spent
some time to do a little reading before posting.

That being said....

to the Forum Mike....

Don't forget to read the Forum Rules..

If you plan on buying anything on the Forum....
PLEASE read this first...

6 Steps To Prevent You From Getting Scammed

and PLEASE don't forget to read to this....

39 Reasons NOT to Buy From Wicked Lasers

If you do get a Laser or already have one be sure
to get appropriate Laser Safety Goggles/Glasses...

Get Some Safety Goggles Now!

Enjoy your stay...

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