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BestLaserPointers.com 3W review


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Mar 4, 2019
Video quick-review and burn tests :

Hey all! My name is Ryan and Im a flight instructor, high power rocketeer, and outdoor enthusiast from Sacramento CA. This is my first activity since joining the forum, and I am pretty fresh into this hobby/science. I spent quite a bit of time browsing threads learning about the safety aspects concerning different power ratings and wavelengths, and learning about the logistics of buying and selling lasers of various wattage through various methods online, like amazon versus Sanwu.

For quite a long time I have been highly fascinated by bright lights, and when I saw my first solid beam laser used out at Black Rock desert many years ago, I knew I would have to get one once I was older and could afford it. That time is now.

I was lured in to BestLaserPointers.com 'weekly deal' for their 3W 445nm, advertised as a white label product, for $150. Its appears to be a clone of the Wicked S3 Arctic host or Thor host, obviously with no branding. The webpage links a youtube video demonstrating the burning capabilities of the unit. If you read the assosciated product info and data it labels the laser as "Sage 3W" . I youtube searched this and found a video showing similar performance to the video made by BestLaserPointers themselves.

I decided to purchase it, and a "<5mw 532 tactical rifle scope...." 301 or 303 clone from amazon for about $15.
SHIPPING: The laser was at my doorstep in California within 72 hours of placing the order with BestLaserPointers.com . They ship out of Ontario and China as necessary. The metal carrying case served all the necessary protection, and this was in a simple cardboard box for shipping.

CASE: The case itself is satisfactory and will hold up fine in most normal uses. Inside is some foam padding that is satisfactory to almost high quality. Included inside is the laser, a set of safety goggles SUPPOSEDLY OD4+ . Five individual "starbit" attachements, two batteries and a wall charger.

UNIT: The laser itself feels plenty rugged, and doesn't rattle when shook at all. It has a simple continuous on/off push switch at the base, and is focus adjustable. I will say however that focusing this unit is tough due to the "grip" style toward the front, and the fact that the focus knob itself has a smooth surface only. Hard to get it to rotate without shredding up your other fingers.

BATTERY: The laser comes with two Surefire 1200mah 3.7V lithium ion batteries which do not offer reverse polarity protection. They take atleast 90 minutes to charge EACH. Even from a partial charge. The supplied charger is 4.2V output with 800Ma. Once used in the laser they will last about 30 minutes until the laser becomes quite dim.

PERFORMANCE: Okay, I do not have an LPM. So my claims are purely based on burntimes Ive seen on youtube at various power levels. Once the unit is properly focused it will burn, but I DO NOT believe this unit is 3W. I think it compares more closely to that of 800-1200mw examples of 445 on youtube.
-It will SLOWLY burn neat white printer paper, and rather quickly if shone on black ink or sharpie.
-it WILL cut electrical tape, works quickly under tension and takes 5 seconds or so otherwise.
-it DOES produce a nice solid beam of 445, which is pretty, but barely visible in daylit rooms and not outside.
-it WILL produce a much more defined beam in dark light than a "100mw" 532 can. (labeled as <5mw but it smokes electrical tape)
-it will slowly burn/cut a yellow sticky-note. Takes about 4-6 seconds and 3-4 strokes to cut a defined line into the paper.

It seems performance increases drastically after about a minute or so of warmup time, but I still question the full 3W. I would like to have it LPM tested before I say officially whether it lived up to that standard. It just doesn't 'seem' quite like it.

Conclusion: 3.5 stars, WOULD recommend the purchase and seller. This unit is well enough built and powerful enough to deliver a beginning enthusiast like myself the experience we wanted, at a reasonable $150 for a kit that includes safety glasses and basic accessories. Not bad for the price, but this laser was likely (but not certainly) mislabeled in power, and I personally find 1-2W to be a shitty niche. Too powerful to use for light shows without EXTREME caution, Easy for one tenth second mistake to cost you your career and eye (Im a pilot). Yet not strong enough to burn with authority. So whats the point? I will get more practical use out of my 100ish mw 532.

I BELIEVE this to be the '1.5W' version that they sell for $120 and copy paste every description and photo... Infact, I bet if I hit an LPM with this it would probably be more like 800-1200mw. BUT THESE ARE JUST ASSUMPTIONS AND GUESSES.

Hopefully this helps some of you!


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Sep 4, 2018
Glad you weren't ripped off - but this is nothing new unfortunately. Very unlikely to be 3W as you've stated - but no way to definitively know without a LPM.

Very common that chinese manufacturers produce a laser that looks like this - Kind of looks like a Thor H host...


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May 9, 2015
for some reason I glanced at the pics and thought you did all that burning with that little key chain laser and was like WTF!!! lol. those are pretty cool but I would personally buy that from Laserpointerstore.com since I have literally purchased 11 lasers from there and they always arrive in great working order. plus I like the owner Tommy ever since he resent a laser that never arrived no questions asked :)


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Sep 20, 2013
Welcome to the LPF. Live and learn. At least you didn't pay an arm and leg for that small version of the Thor. Those 16340 cells aren't even close to the capacity they claim.