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Nov 8, 2006
Well it depends what the usage is for, If you want an extremly bright pen light with an extremly bright beam with okay burning capabilities because of divergance and excellent service id go with wicked! Megalasers arn't good at all there lasers are all pot modded, So the diode well burn out. And its the same price as wicked. If you want a plugin unit, dpss laser, or like a hercules large flashlight size over 130mW go with laser glow they to have excellent service. Optotronics is awsome to great service with, umm jack? I beleive; It's great for Rpl units for low prices! So all of them are good exept Megalasers it just varies on the specifications you want your laser to have and do!

Edit - I forgot Drgaon Lasers, Its okay But I would not recomend it, its a gamble of getting a good working cni pen style laser or a way underpowerd one they still wont refund it but you can contact or call them I believe.

This is all just under my prospectives from what iver heard and seen.

Edit - I got the wrong question but the most legitemnt site that looks legit and professional is Wicked and Laserglow.