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BEST DEAL going from Laserking and Miss Linna


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Apr 2, 2009
Company Review LaserKing And Linna Lin.

This is a somewhat overdue thread on our experiences with one of the most helpful and friendly people we have dealt with at the forums.

It has been clear to me that our DIY handhelds and pointers we have at some point in time is no longer feeding our addiction. We see members move on and even selling all or some of their 'rainbow' of lasers.
Others move up what I like to call the laser 'ladder of evolution'.
That being laser show projectors. This often happens when we attend a LEM and get first hand exposure to these wonderful devices. For me this happened in 2010 at the biggest and best of all SELEM.
That event was a big game changer for me. Even the LEMs themselves have a draw that is strong. When I returned home I could not shake off my new desire for both. Just around three months later I hosted my first STEXLEM in Freeport Tx.

If I was not already hooked on PJs and LEMs I sure was after that event. Since that time I have made every SELEM and co-hosted TEXLEM in San Antonio 2012.

I began buying the parts to build my own full color RGB projector. And then the REKE 500 RGBs popped up at only 208$and a small buying frenzy happened and many more from LPF got these and at that point it was too late for almost all to turn back. I could go on forever about all this but that is not the subject of this thread.
I saw a few threads at the show forum from LaserLinna. Right away I could tell she was different and so were the PJs she offered us from LaserKing.

Having done at that point 8 very successful GBs with Gray from JETLASERS it felt, to me, like that was a no-brainer to get with Miss Linna and see what we could do together to use the buying power of a GB to get some of these new PJs into our hands. Right away I knew these were greatly different from the Reke and Linna was special too. The first round was the easiest GB for me ever.
Linna gets five stars in every category. Round two was nearly as easy and the fact that a few came back for seconds and thirds and even a fifth-- was very telling. Today I did the bank transfer for round #3.

It was bigger than the first two and this time were were offered several more models which made picking just one not easy- all had great features and we knew what to expect from both Linna and Laserking. The difference with both the product and customer support was huge. Just like Gray from JETLASERS , Linna is a great communicator and her desire for all to be happy is genuine.

I will let the reviews speak for themselves. Just think 5 stars in every category.
Shipping-- CRAZY FAST.
Pre-shippng tests and inspections done by Linna assured that all got PJs there were shipped in perfect condition.
All found these PJs exceeded our expectations. I truly believe
Linna when she told us that she spends around 12 hours in all testing these.

The LK projectors are not at all like the Rekes and others.

The crude boring built-in animations are gone. These are great stand alone machines- Gone also are the tiny and hard to work with dip switches-replaced by a LED window and Mode-Up-Down and Enter buttons.

The codes for the modes are easy to learn and easy to use , even in the dark.. The LK MINI is what the Reke RGB 500 should have been like. The LK 3D the LK PD 2.0 both have a unique five special efx wheel inside. One of these uses a lenticular lens that creates 3-D images. Rotating it and the dffracion gratings too.

The beam show mode is quite nice and in one of the two Auto settings these go thru every efx and the 10 level sound response makes the images move with your music. The 3D (it has a wireless RC) is the only one we were offered that does not have both PC/db25 for 'IN' and 'Thru' this means you can 'daisey chain' several of these PJ together and with show software one PC will run all (limit is IIRC 6 pjs using Pangolin QuickShow) We were also offered the LK SD which has a card reader on the back were a SD card can be used.
Each one AFAIK comes already with one card pre-loaded. We have several of these LK SDs(combined >850 mW) on the way and plan to load cards and share them.

TBH one Pj DID arrive slightly miss-aligned. I am sure this happend during shipping evidenced by some dents in the shipping box. The owner was able to rememdy this himself n/p. Also after a week or two one had a white balance that turned slightly pinkish. a LPM showed that the green module has dropped a little in output. I passed this info on to Miss Linna and said if she had a fix in the way of a new green module she could send it along with a PJ I had coming soon to me for GB#2. But Linna did not agree with that.... she EXPRESS shipped a replacement module at once- The owner (JCranmer) was told he could just keep to underpowered one. Other China sellers want you to pay for returning a PJ and again for shipping back after repair- but not Laserking.

With only two exceptions AFAIK every Reke shipped to forum members was still sealed.. this means the PJs had NOT been tested between Reke shipping to the sellers and YK/LM/Dino Direct and LPW and the buyers.

Also almost without exception every Reke arrived ( ~ 12 to 16 days) in need of, at least some, tweeking.

Wires had become detached-
dichros had become unglued.
Aligments were often off.
Instead of yellow we saw red and green close together. It took only a short time for the crude anaimations to become very very boring.

Testing showed us that theLK 20K scnners were for real.
In many, LK as used the far better 638nm red modules.

When I return from SELEM mid Aug. I will very likely do another LK/Linna GB. If you feel lucky PM me & I will tell you about a way to get one NOW in a drawing I am doing. Dont wait as this will fill quickly. Please ask about this ONLY via PM.


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Apr 2, 2009
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