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"appraisal"/advice on pricing


Aug 2, 2007
I've got a post in the "Buy, Sell, & Trade" section, but I need some sort of informal "appraisal." Please see http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/possibly-sale-stingray-ii-405nm-253mw-peak-55667.html for more details. DISCLAIMER: It is not my intent for this to be a shameless plug for my "Buy, Sell, & Trade" post, so please don't interpret it that way. I'm sincerely just looking for advice. Thanks. :)

I purchased the laser in question, a <250mw violet (405nm), from Milos back in May 2009 (≈$250.) But now I'm wanting to [possibly] sell it. I've been out of the laser scene since then. Well a lot can change in 16 months (e.g., diodes get cheaper and more powerful, etc.) I honestly don't know what a laser with these specs would go for today. If I ask too high, I look like an uninformed idiot. If I ask too low, then I'm allowing myself to be robbed.

So my question is:

Based on the specs (and Milos's quality build) what would be the going price range if a brand-new, identical laser were sold today? From there I can derive my own own price for my used laser.

(for even more details, please see Milos's original thread from 16 months ago [it's linked in my thread].)

Any input is appreciated.

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Feb 5, 2009
Well, the host is probably available for somewhere around $20, (probably after a little searching it'll be cheaper), a Flexdrive of current version is around $25, a 6x diode about the same, heatsink like that maybe $15, battery and charger, say, $10, (I don't know what batteries this host uses though), and a Jayrob lens approximately $60. They're your raw materials to complete one yourself at $155. Some time would have been charged so $220 as the original asking price for a similar build now is somewhere close. Of course 6x sleds were probably in the $60 region so $180 for a new build now. It's also second hand so work out how much you think you have used it and set your price.

I've tried to use rough figures and some may disagree but I happen also to think that the output from that 6x diode could mean it's a short lived thing but I couldn't see a current setting for it. If it's a GGW, (which I think I saw), maximum safe driver output should be somewhere around 190mA, so 253mW is a lot I feel for this setting.

Please don't let just one man's idea of the price of a thing influence you too much though as you need to get other quotes!

Best of luck with your sale.

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