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Any Idea on this driver from china


Jan 27, 2013
Hi, I came across this driver, I know chinese drivers have really bad rep for lasers, but I also have used 1.25A drivers for m140 lasers and works fine (it was a DX one, the first laser I made)
DIY 20mm 5 Modes Single and Double Lithium Electricity Universal Flashlight Driver Circuit for XML T6 / U2 / MCE / MTG Lamp Beads-5.26 and Free Shipping| GearBest.com

this is the driver 2.4A 20mm, the reason why I am considering is that for a 9mm build, I want to get the different modes, specially the HIGH MED LOW as at 2.4A 3W is possible and thats a lot of power, and I would like the option of having lower power, so its kind of 3 lasers in 1. Of course I dont want to damage a $70 diode to save $15 or so compared to a X-drive or something, which I am using for my current build, but that one does not have different modes.