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Aixiz heat sinked diode holders


New member
May 24, 2007
If anyone needs a diode holder im doing the below for £15 each + postage

you can see the sizes and how small is it, fully insulated and heat sinked.

mounting hole in the pic is m3 but can be tapped for m4 if requested.

the aixiz holders pop out so the diode can be pressed into the aixiz holders as normal, then inserted back into the mount. its a very tight fit but onces the aixiz housings have been inserted and turned to gain maximum power just add a dab of glue to the back of the aixiz holder to stop them moving.

very simple yet effective holder.

at the last UK meet i had a dual open can red set in an identical holder running at 250mw each all day and it wasnt even warm at the end of the day.

the pics are of a test setup, the proper ones will have a better finish and the holes will be the same level