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AixiZ - an EPIC company!


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Dec 15, 2013
So I was in search for a tiny module to put 3.8mm diodes in, with a target module diameter of 4-7mm. Normally I`d mod one of these 0.2$ eBay Modules (6mm diameter, 10mw, acrylic lens), but not this time. The idea was to put in single mode diodes (DTR`s RGB-Bundle), so I wanted a good quality lens.

I searched for quite some time, and finally found what I was looking for:

But I wasn`t sure, if the 3.8mm diode would fit, so I wrote AixiZ about the size of the built in diode.

The answer I got was simple, but awesome:
Let me send you a sample. Address?


Chuck Maricle Ph.D.

This was especially cool as I had NEVER purchased anything from them, and I didn`t write in a way to make the impression that I was somebody who`s going to do massive orders...

So, what did I get? About one week later I got a package containing the following:
-Two types of 3mm Laser modules
-6mm laser module with adjustable focus
-8mm laser module with adjustable focus

Not one, but two pieces of each! That`s 8 lasers completely for free, didn`t even have to pay shipping! :drool:

So, guys, most of you will already know AixiZ, but check them out, they have many awesome and special modules, lenses and so on you won`t get anywhere else (the 6mm module for example, may look like the cheap eBay ones, but it has a better focus adjustment, and a true 5.6mm diode instead of a COB...)

PS: the 3mm module didn`t fit my purposes, but the 6mm did, and I would`t have found out without the nice service - going to buy from AixiZ soon :D