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A6 Flashlight Coupon


Jul 1, 2016
This light was thought up by a well known forum community kind of like this one but based off LED flashlights. It's the best EDC light I've ever had and at this price I haven't ever seen a flooder type led as strong as this one. It had tons of modes and the Turbo mode is direct drive. It runs off an 18650 and is truly a bright light. I have modded my light and they say the 1600+ lumens is easy to achieve with a spring bypass mod and unprotected battery.
If you need a flashlight to every day carry like I do I highly recommend this one! I read somewhere there will only be limited quantity of these made and coupon will run out eventually but its been good for everyone I've told about it.

If you want to run the other 18350 I think they have a shorty tube available on banggood as well. Enjoy.

LINK: BLF A6 CREE XPL 1600LM 7/4modes EDC LED Flashlight 18650 Sale - Banggood Mobile

Coupon Code: GBLFA6SE. (-2.07$ on 7/19 from CN warehouse)

I am only sharing, I had nothing to do with this flashlight or community. Hope this helps someone and if you guys want a beamshots of this one or the other flashlight I will be glad to post it!
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Oct 14, 2012
I've got the "Astrolux" version of that BLF designed flashlight, and I agree with you, it's a powerhouse in an EDC sized light.
The only thing I can see different between the two lights is the extra 18350 battery tube with the one I've got, but I've never even used it!
Mine is definitely brighter than my Fenix PD35 (1000LM), even without any modifications.
Great build quality at this price, I'd recommend these lights. These would make great gifts, I think anyone will be impressed with their output. :)