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A laser in the next Nexus phone !


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Sep 28, 2011
Google Nexus D Prototype Mock-Up Gets the Imagination Juices Flowing

One of the best things about technology is that it is constantly evolving. Just when you thought things were starting to get stagnant, something new comes along to tickle your imagination. Here's a great example. First, let me make it clear that the above pic is not real. It is an artist's rendering mock-up of a fictional Google Nexus D prototype. The fact that it is an illusion does not at all detract from the response that it might engender in you. If you are like me, it gets your mind wandering. Perhaps the reason it gets your imagination neurons firing is actually because it is a fabrication.

Afterall, if it isn't real, then there's no disappointment to be had if we let speculation run rampant. In this instance, the mockup was created by an artist named Dorian Lust (fitting name), and he also had some proposed hardware specs to go along with the artistic flare of its aesthetic design. Below is a breakdown of these features. They are equally as brilliant as the picture itself.
Concave touchscreen allows it to nestle in your hand or pocket
The kickstand helps you use the device to enjoy high-definition movies and TV
The curved screen is also edged by light-up multi-colored LEDs for notifications
Quad-core 1.8GHz processor or better
1.5GB of RAM or more
32 or 64GB of storage.
Universal remote for your Home Theater Setup
Includes a laser pointer "in case you're doing presentations or pretending you're a deadly sniper."
Built-in NFC
Enhanced Security with a fingerprint scanner or a cornea (your eyeball) scanner that recognizes your eye
The accelerometer can unlock the phone by waving it in a specific motion
Back and front radar detection, (not to sure what this is, but maybe something to warn you of traffic cops?)
"Will have a variant for farmers features reinforced corners for extra protection and agrarian extras including a moisture meter for checking hay and grain and other farm-type things."
Obviously, the appearance of the phone may not appeal to everyone, and some of those features might have you scratching your head (especially those last two). However, what is most appreciated about this is that if we didn't have folks pushing the boundaries on ideas, then nothing would ever get better. Creativity fuels the drive to move forward. I am thrilled to see what might be coming around the corner next. What new hardware and software ideas can you think of for future smartphones?

Source: CNET
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