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A-C by Dark_Horse


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Apr 1, 2008
I came across an item that is fairly new ( at least to me ), called an APERTURE CAP. It's an air-craft grade aluminum add-on with a rubber insert that slips snugly over those little focal rings on the AIXIZ housing. If you have trouble getting a grip on that little silver ring, or if you have older arthritic fingers like me, then this is the way to go. Besides allowing you to get a good grip, your fingers stay out of the way while trying to get your laser focused. The center hole is made with such precision that it will not impede your lasers beam / out-put at all, It is "DEAD-CENTER" The A-C's slip off & on very easy, if you wish to move the cap to another laser, but the best solution by far, is to just buy one for every laser you own with an AIXIZ module in it. After the HOLIDAYS, with all the bills to pay, one might not be able to buy all that's needed in one fell swoop, but if you get 1 or 2 each week, it shouldn't hurt too bad. All in all I was quite impressed with these caps as they give a nice finished look to any laser with the AIXIZ module sticking out, besides making focusing your laser a breeze. These APERTURE CAPS are located on Dark_Horses web site along with all the other high quality products that he carefully crafts, & that includes custom work also. So, here is my un-biased assessment of the APERTURE CAP by Dark_Horse. Do yourself a favor & give one a try, I'll bet you'll soon have one for each laser you own that has an AIXIZ module in it. One last thing, These caps were cleverly designed to be able to hold a variety of  lens inside that sit on the inner rubber lip. I think a lot of thought went into the design & workmanship of these caps, & if I had the funding, I'd put one on every laser I own. Hat's off to Dark_Horse for coming up with yet another ingenious product  ;) I give it a # 10 rating on a 1 to 10 scale where 10 is the best :cool: