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60mw 532nm with Exponential Flashing Warmup


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May 15, 2012
Got this green 303 ebay laser just for the fun of it. I'm not in cooperation with this guy, but his lasers are proving to be pretty reliable for ebay.

At first I thought it was junk, (it was 12mw) but then I played around with it and found that after 2 minutes (it was cold in my house) it began to flash like crazy. I had completely forgotten that warmup time was a possibility. But something about the crystals causes them to resonate in such a way that the change in frequency appears perfectly exponential. Electrical testing showed that the circuit pulled a constant current of about 0.3A.

Here's a power graph, demonstration that the IR leakage is only about 4-6%, and some German rave Musik. Watch on YouTube for full HD
I was wearing safety glasses when I tipped the filter over, so don't try this at home kids. And the Mountain Dew was to cool it down so there would be a warmup.
The IR filter came from Laserlands, but is observed to block ~98% NIR.
Edit: But really, I don't know if there is any IR at all if the change was only due to the green reflection going away

2 minutes elapsed; Max Power was 66.6mw

Warmup sequence:

Anyone else have a DPSS laser with a whacky warm-up?


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olympus mons

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Nov 4, 2014
I have one Chinese eBay 532 that does this. It's barely 1 mW then after about 30-45 seconds bam! Jumps to about 50mW then hops all over the place. It's a train wreck of a laser. One of those late night eBay buys just to see.

I also have the same IR filter from Laser Land. That's a great eBay store.
Cool post btw.