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5W-6W Laser Control board for CNC


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Aug 14, 2016

I have control board from Laseraxe.
(I was not able to post picture so I copied the direct link below)

2016 New USB CNC 3 Axis 2 Phase 4 Wire Stepper Motor Controller Board Driver - laseraxecustomize

Currently, the laser head I have is 300mW.

And I cannot run more than 2500mW using the current board.
Plus, the board I have does not support TTL or Limit switch. (Even though I can seethe label for TTL but I am just not sure how to connect it.)

The new generation control board sold by Laseraxe has all 3 axis, TTL and 6W laser support. But it is $75. (Laseraxe is based in China. On ebay these boards go for $30)

I would like to be able to modify the board to get TTL, Limit switch and 6W laser support. If anyone has any idea that would be really helpful.

If not, I would go ahead and build the board using arduino Uno /Mega or if I can get it cheaper I would do that too. (Not buying from China. There is a lack of support from Laseraxe. I shouldn't have support Chinese project in kickstarter. )
If I am buying control board I would want good customer support. For example, protoneer.co.nz . They seem to have good support. Thats one option I could consider if I dont find any one in US. But I know there are people around who has build 6W cnc laser from scratch. just dont know where to find it.)

I already have source for laser diode and driver. (ebay: dtr)

All I need help is control board and software.

Please help me out here. Thank you.


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Sep 12, 2007
You've linked a stepper motor driver board. This device will not power a laser in the first place.