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<5mW Green Laser for Daylight Use (to point at whales)


New member
May 7, 2011
A bit of an unconventional post here. I am a graduate student, studying humpback whales off the coast of California. For part of my thesis, I am measuring the width of the flukes (tail) of these whales. To do this, I plan to attach two parallel lasers (of a known distance apart) to a camera, then to use the distance between the two dots in the photo to calculate the width of the flukes.

So, I am looking for recommendations of laser pointers that will show up in full daylight. Because I will be pointing these lasers at animals, they have to be <5mW. I would prefer a constant on/off switch, and it would be helpful if it was waterproof as I will be using it on a boat. Any suggestions?