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532nm eBay Green Pointer Pen + Star Projector


Jul 1, 2016
High Power Military 5MILES 532nm Green Laser Pointer Pen Beam Lazer Star Cap USA | eBay

Just wanted to write this out quick, I won this pen for roughly $8.50 on eBay and there are many more listings. I know these are hit and miss on quality, but I think the one I got actually is constructed pretty well. It has good machining, anodizing is decent and NOT on the threads. The module seems decent, although I don't know a ton about DPSS modules it has all the regular lookings of a DPSS except that the screw-on piece at the very end of the module seems to have a focus lens glued into the end of it. My 301 green did not have this, as it exited and went into a focusable lens. Overall this seems like a good deal at the 8.50$ I spent on it, and it's quite fun to play with! I would almost dare to say the beam is as bright as my 1w blue 445nm. Be aware if you get one, as the output is much stronger then 5mw I can assure you it will hurt your eyes with direct contact as the star pointer dazzled me a bit while putting it on. Make sure to use safety goggles at first when testing/setting up the laser to be safe, you never know about these eBay pointers!

The only thing ill-constructed part of the pointer is the star cap doesn't thread tightly into the end of the host, it's very loose fitting. I won't use the star cap too often but it is a pretty cool sight to see!

I did my usually "estimate" method of testing the laser with a thermocouple. It was around 78* ambient on the sensor, and 134* is the reading after about 3 minutes. It dropped to 130* after 5 minutes. That would mean roughly 171.6mw output in this estimation! Obviously, this could be alot of IR also and I don't have any filters yet nor do I know if this pointer has one installed. Still seems really high, maybe once i get one of astralist's LPMs I will get a more accurate reading from it.

Here is a break-down of the parts of the pointer. If you look at the module, the diode is soldered to the driver, and the driver has a round holder that keeps it aligned properly in the host (something the 301 lasers I've had lack, and cause alignment issues) and the host breaks down into quite a few pieces. It *LOOKS* like it may interchange with some of the fasttech and eBay modules you can find around the interwebs as the module just unscrews like a driver pill would, and you SHOULD be able to knock the module out of it.

Just figured I would give my opinion, this is actually a good starter pointer for anyone new to the hobby for the price and brightness of it. I can't attest of the durability as I've only had it for a couple days but at 8.50$ I won't complain.


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Sep 5, 2013
Awesome! I remember my first cheap eBay 532 pointer, lasted me about 2 years and then just shut out on me all of a sudden. I must of not got a very solid unit as I had to physically shake it and rattle the batteries so they would make proper contact :)

For $8 though, can't complain.