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520nm 160mW 14K gold woes!


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Sep 10, 2014
Alright I had my 520nm 14K gold build that I had pictured in the multimedia section. I was going to double post for the update, But I figured this would be a better option.
I wanted to do a build thread for this project, but about 2 weeks of having it operational I was having Problems with the tailcap switch screwing itself tighter into the end. Making it impossible to use the button. This caused a lot of flickering of input power to the driver. At the time I did not think too much about it, but the diode LED' itself. I was sooo excited that happened that I didn't do a build thread yet...
In the multimedia thread a few people said it should not have blown due to just input voltage cycling. I then soldered in a new diode temporarily to see if it would light! It did. I then hooked it up to my load tester. It put out a steady 430mA. It was pointed out that diodes are designed to sometimes have a duty cycle.. or pulsed. Do they mean driver making duty cycle not input voltage duty cycle right? Did the capacitor charge/discharge create enough spike to kill it? This is a survival laser fixed current driver powered by two 16340's.
Sorry for the long post, But I knew a few of you had questions of what happened.
I am a full time mechanic that is not the greatest at electrical, but thanks to this site I have learned A lot for work!!
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