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488nm sharp GH04850B2G in Sky pen host

Dec 2, 2008
hello guys, after around 12 years i rediscovered my old hobby.
found out there is a lot of new beautiful diodes, so i couldnt resist just to start ordering them.

my first project 488nm pen:

i started by dismanteling cheap 5mw violet laser to extract a driver.
after connecting it to dummy load i found out it can give me 94mA max.current.
it wasnt by my taste, as i wanted to drive the dide somewhere around 200mA.
so i soldered smd 1ohm resistor parralel to one already on the board and it gave me double that. 175mA

dont mind my terrible soldering. its awful, and components are so small i could barely see anything. i basicaly just did it blindly and then checked by macro pictures.

diode pressed in

diode on the board:

as a host i used old 12+ years laser pointer pen from skylasers. used to be 532nm. after those years it didnt even have end cap, not even threads were there at the end, so i had to modyfiy the battery cap somehow. i used middle and end part of the laser pen that we all know which screws in the middle.. it was tedious. but..
i think it looks interesting at the end

now some shots. i cannot describe how mindblow i am with the color.. its the most pretty thing ever for me personaly.
on the camera it looks more blueish than in person, it is more to greenish side.
some beamshots comparison with green 532nm and 405nm uv, i build years ago from Phr803 sled. running at 125mA.

right now 488nm has just standard lens that comes with diode housing itself, but i have G8 lens on the way to be used.




special thanx to:

paul1598419 https://laserpointerforums.com/members/paul1598419.40752/

RedCowboy https://laserpointerforums.com/members/redcowboy.47257/

zenodilodon https://laserpointerforums.com/members/zenodilodon.19341/

for all their help with answering all my questions patiently and extensively so i could see on my onw eyes the beauty of that mesmerizing colour.

thank you guys
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Sep 16, 2007
Great job! That turned out nice. I like the solution you used for modifying the driver.
It's also really cool to see that old host. I forgot about SKYlasers...
Sep 20, 2013
Yeah, I've built a few of these getting a spread from 486nm to 493nm. The longer the wavelength the more green the color. Love the photos of yours lasing. Great job!